General Provisions

TheMost is a service for delivering information via e-mail, sms and viber channels, which are indispensable tools of modern marketing.

With TheMost, any registered user can send email messages to their subscribers (colleagues, company customers, friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc.) subject to their prior consent. Sending sms and viber messages is possible only for legal entities and registered entrepreneurs after passing the procedure for registering the name of the sender. Different countries have different requirements for this process.

Sending unwanted messages using TheMost is categorically prohibited.

What we consider spam?

We consider any distribution of messages (including sending to one recipient) to contacts WITHOUT their prior consent to receive as spam.

Your newsletter will be rejected if its subject matter relates to:

  • sex and escort services
  • financial pyramids
  • banned honey. drugs
  • political campaigning
  • narcotic substances and smoking mixtures

There are high-risk topics that we can allow to work if a number of conditions are met. These topics are:

  • loans and credits
  • insurance casino / slots
  • sports betting (betting)
  • network marketing (MLM)
  • information business (earnings on the Internet)

Our conditions for working in the service with the following topics:

  • There must be a payment under the contract from the legal entity
  • the sender’s domain must be warm and existing, and not just registered or a stub
  • configured authentication of the sender domain
  • The subscriber base must be MANDATORY with double opt-in

When using TheMost, the user must be guided by the following rules:

  • the subject and body of the message should not contain false, incorrect or misleading information
  • Messages should not be sent to subscribers without their prior consent

And that’s all we ask from our customers.

Our measures in case of non-compliance with anti-spam policies.

Upon receipt of complaints related to a violation of the rules of this policy, the provision of services will be suspended until the details of the violation are clarified; freezing of unused funds is possible. As a rule, a decision on the validity of a complaint is made within 24 hours.

How we counteract spam?

We make every effort to ensure that messages from our service successfully reach the recipients, therefore, to prevent the sending of unwanted messages, we:

  • Check what and to which addresses you send. If you are doing well with the subscriber base and the letter, then you will not notice any verification
  • We block the accounts of those users who are trying to send spam
  • In each sent email-message we insert a mandatory link to unsubscribe
  • We constantly monitor public blacklisting and immediately take measures to remove our mail servers from them
  • In addition, as one of our anti-spam measures, we have addresses that are traps for address collection programs. When sending letters to these mailboxes, we automatically block the entire mailing list

Spam received from TheMost ?

If you have received spam with any indication of TheMost service, please let us know by e-mail to Attach an unsolicited message to the letter, and indicate the date and time the message was received.

We do not cooperate with organisations or individuals who send unsolicited email messages to unconfirmed email addresses (that is, spammers). Such accounts are immediately blocked.

Have questions?

Write us, we will gladly answer!

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