Viber Messaging

    Viber Messaging is a relatively new marketing tool, but is rapidly gaining popularity. The ability to make up to 1000 characters of text, a graphic element and a button to go directly to the advertiser’s site made this tool extremely demanded in a wide range of business areas.


    High level of trust of subscribers to the messenger, as well as high coverage of the subscriber base, makes it possible to conduct a high-quality and bright marketing company with a high percentage of responses.

    TheMost works directly with Viber to provide our customers the best service in the best financial conditions.

  We suggest you to compose your idea about the effectiveness of Viber mailing, based on the results of real mailings conducted by our customers.

    There are various options for cooperation in the field of Viber mailings. Therefore, for the selection of an effective option for you, we ask you to contact our manager.

    Viber delivery is the ability to:

  • use of graphic objects;
  • placing clickable links;
  • Create up to a thousand characters in one message.

    What is Mobile Marketing?

   Mobile Marketing is a set of activities for promoting your product, service or brand through SMS (SMS sending) and messages in Messengers (Viber mailing).

    The main advantages of this channel of communication with customers:

  • High response.
  • Low cost of contact.
  • Your communication with the client becomes individual.

    You can read more details in the subsections of SMS services and Messengers in the section of Mobile Marketing. There are presented real cases of clients who work with us.

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