Pay Per Click Managment

Contextual advertising (Pey-Per-Click Managment, promotion to Google, Yandex)

    Contextual advertising is a powerful tool for promoting and developing your business on the Internet. Unlike SEO-promotion, which takes quite a long time, before it brings any result, contextual advertising begins to show its effectiveness from the first days, after its adjustment. And you pay only when the client moves to your site, clicking on your ad, whether it’s a text ad for a search or a banner on the Display Network.

    Contextual advertising in the search networks –  Google and Yandex will show your offer to those people who are already looking for what you are offering.

    Advertising on the Display Network – Google and the ad network – Yandex will allow you to expand the search range by displaying your ad to the category of people that might be interested in your product or service, as well as returning those people who were already on your site.

    Services that provide our company in the field of contextual advertising, concluding in the creation and optimization of the advertising campaign, daily management of the budget, analytics and monthly reporting.

    The situation in the context advertising market is changing very quickly, so CPCs need daily adjustments. Our specialists will evaluate individual needs and constantly monitor the bidding process and place your ads.

    In theory, higher bids per click, for keywords, will allow your ads to be at a favorable position for you. This is a theory and part of the truth. Google and Yandex also take into account the optimization of your advertising campaign: keyword quality, relevance of ads, optimization and content of your landing page, etc. And  these factors together influence the final cost-per-click (CPC) and the quality of your advertising campaign. By optimize your advertising campaign, we reduce your costs for it and give to the site more relevant and quality traffic.

    Consider using contextual advertising with SEO. Companies that use both directions get better results.

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